Are you thinking to start a blog on blogger? but don't know how and where from start? then don't worry because I am gonna write a post, on How to create a blog with blogger?  after reading this article you will get lots of information on how to start a blog on blogger. blogger is a popular platform to start blogging and also it is free. if you are beginner then blogger is the best platform for you to start blogging. anyone can start blogging easily by creating his blog on blogger. An owner can freely write a post in his own language. you can also set your own .com or another domain to your blog. that are the services that make them popular. so get ready to start a blog on blogger. how to add the new gadget to blogger
How to create a blogger blog

Creating a Google account

blogger is the property of Google. that's why you will need a Google Account to sign in for using that stage. if you don't have a google account then first create your google account by going to this link Create a google account. you will be able to use their services after creating a google account. not the only blogger you can use all other services of google like Gmail and Google Drive. creating google account is very easy you just need to fill a form to make your google account. the form will appear when you will open Google Signup page.if you already have a google account then just sign in your google and visit Blogger.
creating google account

How create a blog with blogger?

It's time to create your new blog. in order to create a new blog press new blog button. a new window will appear on your screen with detail on how to create a blog. in this window, you will see all important information about creating a new blog on the blogger platform.

  1.  in the title input area type a blog title for your blog. the blog title is very important.because it will help you to get more visitors on your blog. so select the best title for your blog. 
  2. into the second input area type your blog URL. you can only create your blog with URL address like
  3. the next step is selecting a style for your blog. so select the template from the list. don't worry you can change this theme anytime. 

finally, click the create Blog button. it will take few seconds so just wait for few seconds.if everything is ok then a new blog will be added to your blog list. otherwise, you will see an error about blog address is not available. if that was your first blog then congrats your first blog is successfully created. that was a process of how to create a blog with blogger. the process was short and simple so anyone can easily create a blog on blogger.

How to create a blogger account

creating your first blog post.

 now it's time to create and publish your first blog post. if you are beginner then first you need to know how to write your first post. so I am gonna provide you information about writing a post on blogger.

to start a post you will need to click on the new post button you can also click on the create new post link. after doing that blogger post writing page will appear on your screen. in this page, you will see an input area for post title a text area for your post text and some buttons to customize your post.
creating your first blog post

write a title for your post.

you must have to write your post title in title input area. you will see title input at the top of the page. in this input area enter a title for your post. write a good post title because your post title will tell visitors about your post. chose a title which is easy to read interesting and attractive.
write a title for your post

writing method

there are two methods to write your post in blogger. you can write your post in the HTML editor. in HTML method you can add more functions in your post. the more stylish post can be created in HTML editor. and compose which is the default post editor and easy to use. there is a switch at the top of the text box at the left side. two buttons one is composed and second is HTML. if you want to write your post in HTML editor press HTML button.
writing method

heading post text.

you can make your post more beautiful by customizing, changing the text color, giving a heading to some selected text changing font type. Just select your desired text to apply heading. after selecting the text right click on the text. select font format selection tool and select your desired heading. heading subheading minor heading and.
heading post text blogger

insert a link into your post.

you can easily insert the link into your post by pressing link button. to insert the link into your post click on the link. a popup will appear on your screen. into the display text box write text that you wanna show on the link. and into the link to box enter your desired web URL.
how to insert link into your post

embed video in your post.

in the blogger post, you can also embed a video from youtube. to embed video in your blog post click on the video icon. that is located in the toolbar. you can upload video from your computer and also can select video from your youtube videos. you can search video from youtube video will be embedded into your post.
how to embed video in your post blogger

insert an image into the post.

if you will add an image into your post. then your post will be more stylish and easy to understand. if you are going to write an article to teach something. then you must have to add some images related to your article. because images are more powerful than words. to insert an image into the post press image icon. a new popup will appear on your screen. if you want to upload the new image then click on choose file option and select the file from your computer. you can also select images from your uploaded images. to select an image from your google drive click on from google album archive option. image icon is located right above text box on the toolbar.
how to insert an image into the post blogger

Post setting.

in the right side, you can see some options for post setting. there are labels, schedule, permalink, location options for on the right side. post setting options allow you to modify your posts like post category schedule your post link and some other options. before publishing your post you can easily modify your post.
blogger post setting

  1. labels work like categories. to make groups of you post click on Labels link. after clicking, you will see textbox write your desired categories in this text box and click Done! button. if you already have some labels then you can select a label from the list.
  2. Schedule Allow you to share your post automatically. your article will be posted at your selected time and date even you are offline. It is the useful option if you don't want to share multiple posts at the same time. 
  3. with Permalink option, you can create the custom link for your post. usually, post title became post link. but you can edit this link with Permalink option.
  4. Location tool is useful if you travel often. with this tool, you can add location to your post.
  5. Options tool is for moderating comments. Show THML literally etc.

See your post before publish.

there is a feature to see how your post will be shown on your blog when someone will open it. so before publishing check and make your post error free. this is the time to check your post. you can see your post by clicking on the preview button.
see your post before publish

Save post as a draft and share it later.
if your post is still not completed and you don't have to time to complete it. then save it as the draft and share it when you think your post is ready to publish. to save your post click on save button your post will be saved as the draft.

save post as draft and share it later

How to publish Post on blogger.
now check your post carefully see mistakes you made in your post and fix them. select label for your post set permalink if you want and do all other post settings. at least check one more time and make sure there is no mistake in your post.

when you think your post is error free and ready to publish just press the publish button. that is located at the top of post settings. now your post is published and will be displayed on your blog.

how to publish post on blogger
your work is not done yet. in fact, the real work is started from here. now you have to optimize your content to get views on your post.  and one post is not enough you have to write regularly. do hard work to improve your blog. always write useful, post that can help your blog, readers.

How to expand your blog.

as I say one post is not enough to expand your blog. you need to write regularly at least create one article in three days.

always share useful content to get lots of traffic on your post. so write a great post to get more readers views and for improving your blog. create a posting schedule to make this work easy for you. write multiple posts at one-time share one post and set schedule for other posts.

how to expand your blog

write for a niche.

if you didn't write on a niche then you will get readers and visitors. but you will not get the best result. you must have to select one niche for your blog. so select a niche for your blog research on that niche and became the expert in it.

never write a useless post useless post will keep away peoples from your posts.
to get readers write your post with full detail and easy to understand. maintain your blog not for SEO only also for readers as well.

Advertising your blog. 
now you need to advertise your blog on the social sites and where ever you can advertise. the best way is sharing your blog URL on Social sites and other websites or forums.

  1. share your post link on your twitter account with your post title.
  2. share on google.
  3. share on facebook not only on your facebook timeline also post your blog link into facebook groups and pages.
  4. encourage your readers and friends to share your post link on their social accounts.
  5. comment your post link on forums.

Place ads.

If you want to earn some money from your blog then ads are important for you.
but you can't use this feature unless your age is more than eighteen. and also your blog must be 6-month-old there are lots of rules you need to follow to get Adsense approval.
place ads on your blog and earn money online

customizing your blog template.

you can make changes in your blog template. you can change the full style of your blog by selecting another template. also, you have the ability to change section blocks. If you wanna edit full template then you can do it just click on template and press Edit Html button.

start tracking.

you have the option stats in your blogger dashboard to track your blog stats.
this option allows you to monitor your blog performance see the count of views.
all other stats of your blog.

that was the post on How to create a blog on blogger. creating a blog with blogger is very easy. that's why anyone can easily start blogging by creating his own blog.