google Adsense is the best way to earn some money from your website or blog. if you are thinking about turning your passion into profit. then I suggest you try google Adsense. Adsense is a big ad network running by there are many people earning from google Adsense.
if your website has many views. then with google Adsense, you can earn up to 5$ per day. and also It is a trusted network so you don't need to worried about your payments. after completing 100$ you can request for the payment. so apply for google Adsense and start earning today.
as I mention Adsense is the property of google. so for getting google Adsense account. you must have a google account so first, create your google account. if you already have a google account. then you can use it to apply for google Adsense. if don't have then follow the below steps. to create your new google account.
How to apply for the google Adsense In 2017

create a new google account

  1. open google sign up page in your web browser.
  2. fill the form with your correct detail.
  3. and click on the next button.
  4. verify your mobile number that you used to sign up.
  5. do all basic setting of your google account. and your new google account is ready. 
    How to apply for the google Adsense In 2017
now when you have a google account. then you can apply for google Adsense. so follow the following steps carefully for getting your own google Adsense account.

Apply for the google Adsense

  1. go to the Google Adsense.
  2. you will see the sign-Up button. click on the sign-up button. 
    How to apply for the google Adsense In 2017
  3. now you have to complete three steps.
  4. the first is sing in your account. or log in your current google account. 
  5. so click on the sign in button. and log in your google account. 
    How to apply for the google Adsense In 2017
  6. in the second step, you need to provide your website link. so enter your website Link and press the Next button. 
    How to apply for the google Adsense In 2017
  7. the third step is about your information. so fill the form with your correct information. select your country, time zone, payee name and enter your Address. the payee name is really important. enter the payee name with the same name that is in your bank account. don't enter any fake name.
    How to apply for the google Adsense In 2017
  8. read AdSense program policies check all check boxes and press the submit button. a new page will appear in this page you can review you detail. see your detail is correct or not. 
  9. after sign up, you will get an ads code. that you have to place on your website, blog. 
  10. after adding the code Adsense team will review your application. and your account will be activated.

Adsense Pin.

when you will earn more than 10$ you will receive a pin on your address. you need to enter this pin to your AdSense account. now your Adsense account is verified. 

Add a payment method

  1. go to the Adsense.
  2. click on setting Link.
  3. now go to the payment tab.
  4. click on the add payment method link.
  5. you can get payments by Western Union account, wire transfer, and Check. 
    Adsense paymetn method
  6. so select your desired method. enter your detail and you are done.

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