embedding a video in blogger post. is really easy for anyone. you can easily embed a video from your youtube channel. or search a video on youtube and embed it in blogger post. also, you can upload your own videos.
If you don't know how to embed a video in blogger post. then this post is going to be useful for you. because in this post, I will teach you on how to embed a video in blogger post. Also read: how to post a clickable link in blogger comments

embed a video in blogger post

  1. sign in your google account and go to the blogger.
  2. select your blog where you are going to embedding a video.
  3. click on create new post button. and select compose mode for writing your post.
  4. at the top of the text box, you can see a video icon. click on this icon.
  5. a new popup will display on your screen. that looks like the following snapshot. 
    how to embed a video in blogger post
  6. if you want to upload your own video. then click on choose a video to upload button. after uploading the video just click on the select button.
  7. you can embed a video in blogger post by searching your desired video on youtube. to search a video from youtube click on from youtube tab. search your video and embed it in your blogger post. 
    how to embed a video in blogger post
  8. if you have a video on your youtube account. then click on my youtube videos tab. your youtube videos will appear on the screen. select a video that you want to embed in blogger post. and click on the select button
    how to embed a video in blogger post

that's it now visit your blog post in that post you embedded a video. you will see a video is embedded in your blogger post.
thanks for reading my post. and keep visiting for more useful posts. if you have any question about this post you can ask me by dropping your comments below.

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