you have seen Feedburner subscriber count widget on many blogs. with this widget blog owner can show the count of his blog subscribers. are you wondering to show this kind of widget on your blog?

so create Feedburner widget from my feeds and style it as you want. you can create and customize your Feedburner Subscribers count widget colors and other styles. go to the My feed you will see the list of your all blogs. click on your blog title in that blog you are going to show this widget.

click on the publicize option that you can see at the top of the page. this link takes you to the page where you will see the list of feed burner services.

from the services page click on the FeedCount link. it will take you at the Feed burner widget customization page. where you can customize the widget background color, text color, and other styles.

now customize the widget style. background color text color and other styles. you can select colors from Color scheme and also use the color code. after customization click on activate button.

after activation, you will see the code of your customized widget in the text are. work is almost done your Feed burner widget is ready to use. just copy the widget code from the text area. 
go to the blogger and select your blog where you are going to use this gadget.
from the dashboard click on layout link. after opening the layout page press the Add gadget link.
a new window will appear in this window you will see gadget list. from the list select HTML/javascript.
now you will see another window on your screen where you will see a title box and a text box. in the title box write a title for your widget and paste the widget code in text box. finally, click on the save button. visit your blog you will see the widget that will show you the numbers of your blog subscribers.

that's it thanks for reading my post. if you like this post or want to ask something you can drop your comment below.

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