Blogger And WordPress Both are Popular blogging platforms. But there are many people who want to know which is The Best. If you are also confused and searching for an answer then you are at right place. Because In this post we will talk about Blogger Vs WordPress. We will tell you benefits of Blogger and WordPress that can help you to choose the better platform to start a blog.
Blogger Vs WordPress Which Is The Best

Why You Should Start A Blog On Blogger

Well, Blogger is the best platform for those who can't afford money for WordPress. And Blogger has so many benefits. If you wanna create a blog on Blogger. Then our post on how to create a blog with blogger can help you.

Blogger Benefits.

  1. You can start a free blog on Blogger.
  2. Blogger is easy to use anyone can make a blog in just five minutes.
  3. Blogger Bandwidth is unlimited so you is no issues of bandwidth.
  4. You can setup .com, .net or any custom domain in Blogger. It's mean you can create your blog with domain on Blogger.
  5. Blogger Also supports Mobile blogging.
  6. Blogger gives you several templates that you can apply on your Blogger blog. And also you can use a custom template on Blogger.
  7. You can make money with your Blogger blog By using Google Adsense or another advertising.
  8. You can Migrate your Blogger Blog to the WordPress.
  9. There is no limit of posts you can create Unlimited Posts on Blogger blog.
  10. You can create a hundred blogs with one Google Account.

Why You Should Start A Blog On WordPress

WordPress is a choice of many bloggers. Because WorPress gives So many features that blogger don't have. WordPress Also have a free Blogging platform which is Where you ca start a free WordPress Blog. And the other is self-hosted With so many features and editable. The does not allow you to edit stylesheets and customize your blog. But you have rights to edit your self-hosted WordPress blog. And many other features that can help you to make a better blog with WordPress. You may like to read How To Start Free WordPress Blog.

WordPress Benefits

  1. You have full control of your WordPress site. 
  2. WordPress is Easy to use so Anyone can use it easily.
  3. WordPress is SEO friendly. That's why it can be easy to rank a WordPress Blog.
  4. WordPress is fully customizable.
  5. There are so many plugins available for WordPress. That you can use for making an advance Blog.
  6. You can add multiple users to your WordPress Website.
  7. There are thousands of Free and premium themes available for WordPress.

Blogger and WordPress both are good. But WordPress is better than Blogger. Because WordPress have more features than Blogger. And Also we have a full control of our WordPress Website. 

So That was a review on Blogger Vs WordPress. I hope you will like this post. Thanks for reading my this post And keep visiting for more useful posts. If you have any question about this post feel free to ask me by dropping your comment below.

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