Hi, guys, I am back with another tutorial On SEO Tips And Tricks For Google. As we all know Google is the biggest search engine which is almost used in countries. And in order to make our blog, the website famous we always try to make our blog appear on the first page of Google.
Top SEO Tips And Tricks For Google

Because Google can give us visitors from all over the world. But this is not that easy. To show our blog, website in the first page of google we have to follow so many rules of Google. And we need knowledge of SEO. That's why I create this post. I am not gonna make this post too long to make you confuse. So I will tell you the main things that you have to Do. So let's start.

SEO Tips And Tricks: Always Share Unique And Helpful Content

If you want to attract people and want to drive huge traffic to your website. Then Always share unique and helpful contents. A few days before my friend started a blog and now his blog is getting 100+ views from Google. He even doesn't know anything about SEO. When I check his all posts I realize that his all posts are helpful and unique. And his blog has just 25 Posts.
So That's why you should write Unique and helpful posts on your blog. And also keep it in mind That you have to write regularly. If you have written some articles that need upgrading then don't wait to update those articles and include some new information in those contents.

SEO Tips And Tricks: Never Show Too Many Ads On Your Site

Too many ads can be the reason of disturbing your blog readers. People will stop visiting your website when they will see too many popups and ads on your website. And this will be a reason for decreasing your website rank in Google. Maybe you have seen some websites with Too many popups and ads that makes you angry. 
Because whenever you will click on a link a new popup will appear or you will be redirected to another site. And You will stop visiting this site because you think this is useless, scammer, fraud etc. There for never show too many ads on your website. Because your greatness of making some extra money can kill your website.

SEO Tips And Tricks Google+ Influence

You can also drive more traffic from Google+ to your website. Now Google is controlling spam and also improving reliability by exposing the Google+ profile of the author. With Google+ Influence, You can increase your site visibility on Google Search.

SEO Tips And Tricks Build Backlinks

In order to increase domain authority, you should build backlinks. So share your site link on some famous blogs, forums or anywhere you can. And here I am not saying for doing spamming. You can buy backlinks and you can also share your site link on famous forums, blogs where your link will not be count as spam.

That's it thanks for reading my this post and keep visiting for more useful posts. If you have any question about this post feel free to ask me by dropping your comment below.


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