So you have heard a Blog word. And Don't know what is a blog. are you looking for an example of a blog? So you are not the one who is looking for an answer of this. There are also many people who still don't know what is a blog and how does it work. If someone told you that you can make money by writing a blog then this is true. There are many Bloggers making money with their Popular Blogs. If they can then you can also do it and our this guide is especially for you.  Because in this article I am gonna tell you about a Blog.
What Is A Blog And How To Start A Blog To Make Money

What Is A Blog?

The blog is just like an online Notebook on this Notebook we can write everything that we want to share with our friends and family. Like you love to write poems, song, about pets, personal thoughts, tutorials etc you can write on your this Notebook. And people from entire world can read your blog and also they can leave a comment on your blog. It means Blog is your own website where you can share your thoughts with the World.

I love to write tutorials, therefore, I have created this blog and you can see my every post is related to Blogging. So you can write anything you love to write.

How To Create A Blog?

Creating A blog is really easy and you can also create a blog for free. There are many Blogging platforms who provides you free Blogging services. But The Best Blogging platform is Blogger for beginners. And Blogger is totally free my blog is also hosted on Blogger. If you want to know how to start a blog. Then you should read our below article which is How To Create A Blog With Blogger.

How To Make Money By Starting A Blog?

There are many advantages of starting a blog. Like you can make money online without even investing. How can you make money from your blog? You can earn by just displaying advertisements on Your Blog. You can earn from Google Adsense, buy and sell ads, info links and many other advertisements you can show on your blog. The easiest way to make money with a Blogger blog is displaying Google Adsense ads on your blog.
There is an option of earning in your Blogger dashboard which allows you to make money By Adsense.

Blogger Vs WordPress Which is The Best?

Blogger and WordPress both are very popular blogging platforms. Both Platforms help you to create a free Blog. But if you are confused about selecting the best platform to start a blog. Then I suggest you start a blog on WordPress. WordPress has many features that Blogger doesn't have. And WordPress is more SEO friendly than Blogger. And WordPress also allow making your blog more professional by installing WordPress Plugins. If you want to read more about Blogger vs WordPress Then read our below article.
Blogger Vs WordPress Which is The Best?

That's it Thanks for reading my this post and keep visiting for more useful posts. If you still have any question about this post feel free to ask me by dropping your comment below.

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