Have you ever asked a question How To Backup Blogger Posts? If you think it's gonna be difficult work then you are wrong. It's not a rocket science in just a few minute you can save your All Blogger posts into your computer. And Making Backup of Your Blogger posts is really important. Just think if something bad happens with your blog like by mistake you will delete your all posts. What will you do without haveing a backup of your posts?
How To Backup Blogger Posts And Import Back When You Need

Of course, your all toil will be wasted you will lose everything you have done for your Blog. But you can secure your Blog posts by just taking a backup of your Blogger posts. And this is the reason of creating this post. So follow the below steps and secure your All Blogger posts.

How To Backup Blogger Posts

  1. Go to the Blogger.com and log in your account.
  2. Now from your blog dashboard click on the settings tab Then Go to the other settings.
  3. On the other setting page, you will see two buttons import content Backup content. 
    How To Backup Blogger Posts
  4. Click on the Backup button after clicking a new popup will appear. 
  5. From this popup, you have to click on the save to the computer button.  
    How To Backup Blogger Posts

Now you don't need to ask How to Backup Blogger Posts. Because you have successfully taken the Backup of your Blogger Blog posts. And now it's time to learn How to import Blogger posts on any other Blogger blog. So read the below steps for doing importing Blogger Posts.

How To Import Blogger Posts

  1.  Click on the settings tab and go to the other settings.
  2. Click on the import content button.
  3. A new popup will appear on your screen.
  4. From this popup click on the choose file from your computer button and tick, I am not a robot check box. 
    How To Import Blogger Posts
  5. Content importing will start and after uploading the backup file you will see that your all data is now imported.
That's it I hope this post on How To Backup Blogger posts was helpful for you. Thanks for reading my this post and keep visiting for more useful Blogger Tricks, Blogger Widgets, Blogger Templates and much more. 
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