Have you seen your Blogger posts that are not displaying thumbnail images on the homepage? And now you don't know why this happening with your Blog. You think you are facing this issue because recently you have edited your template But it might be wrong.
Are you facing Blogger images (thumbnails) not displaying issue? Don't you know to fix this problem? Don't worry we are here with our new post. This is really a big issue but fixing this bug is not that hard. So let's start following our below steps to fix this awkward issue.
How To Fix Blogger Images Not Showing Bug

Fix Blogger Images Not Showing Bug

  1. Go to the Blogger.com and log in your account.
  2. Now from your blogs list select your blog where Blogger Images Are Not Displaying.
  3. Now go the posts and select your post that is not showing a thumbnail.
  4. Edit this post in Blogger HTML editor.
  5. Check your images URLs If you see https:// protocol with thumbnail image 
  6. Then replace it with a regular protocol that is Http://  And click the update button.

The Blogging Images Not Showing Issue is solved.

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