Have you decided to start a Blog but don't know a free website for blogging? Starting a blog is really a good idea. But finding a best for your personal blog is not that easy because there are many websites who allow to you star a free personal blog site.
But from those free blog makers, you have to choose the best platform. And in this post, I will provide information on the free website for blogging. There are two platforms are most famous blogging platforms with lots of features. And some most popular blog sites are created by using those platforms. If you want to know how to create a blog for free and make money then visit our post how to start a blog with blogger.
Which Is The Best Free Website For Blogging

Blogger and WordPress.com are the most popular blogging platforms. There are many blogs created with WordPress.com and Blogger.com Both are amazing blogging platforms providing best services to their users. But the question is which one we should choose for our blog?

Which One is The Best Free Website For Blogging

So our posts start from here If you are confused in selecting a good platform for you personal blog then read this post carefully and select the best host for your personal blog.


WordPress is the most famous blogging platform. WordPress has two platforms one WordPress.com which is free of cost And the second is WordPress.org for using WordPress.org you need to buy a web hosting and domain. But WordPress.com Allow you to start a free Blog. If you wanna make WordPress Blog then Don't create a blog With WordPress.com create a blog with WordPress.org. WordPress.org has many features.

WordPress Features

  1. You can create a blog with a .com domain. 
  2. You can use thousands of WordPress free and premium Plugins.
  3. With thousands of WordPress premium and free WordPress themes, you can make your blog as you want.
  4. WordPress is SEO friendly.
  5. WordPress is easy to use.


Blogger or Google Blog Blogger is the property of Google and this is the best platform for starting a free blog. Blogger doesn't have as many features as WordPress But still, Blogger is the choice of many Bloggers. If you don't want to pay but also want good service then I suggest you start your blog on Blogger. Blogger has many features. If you wanna start your blog on Blogger then our post on How To Start A Blog With Blogger can help you to create an amazing blog.

Blogger Features

  1. You can park a custom domain on your Blogger Blog.
  2. You can easily customize your blog theme if you have knowledge of CSS, HTML, JS and Jquery.
  3. Blogger allows you to use their stylish and fast loading theme for free on your blog.
  4. And the main Thing that every Blogger want is SEO support So Blogger is also SEO friendly.
  5. Blogger has a stylish post editor that will help you to create a great post without haveing knowledge of CSS and HTML.
  6. Blogger has an Earning option that will help you to earn some money from your blog by displaying AdSense ads on your blog.
  7. Blogger has many Gadgets that will make your blog attractive.
For more details visit our post, Blogger Vs WordPress Which is The Best.
So If you wanna create a free blog then you should start your blog on Blogger. But if you can Buy hosting and can pay every year then WordPress is the Best Platform for your blog.
That's it hope you will like our this post on the free website for blogging. Thanks for reading my this post and keep visiting for more Blogging Tips, Blogger Tricks, Blogger templates, Blogger widgets and much more. If you have any question about this post feel free to ask me by dropping your comment below.


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  2. Thanks for writing this helpful article. I think Blogger is a great blogging platform but the best is WordPress But as you mention WordPress is not free so We should start a blog on blogger and we can move when we will start earning with our blog..............................................

    1. Yes we can move anytime from Blogger to WordPress therefore Blogger is the Best.....

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